Polyamory :

(from Greek πολύ poly, meaning "many, several", and Latin amor, meaning "love")

Polyamory is best described as a commitment or relationship structure among multiple persons who are positively aware of the multiple intimate connections of their partner(s). Emotional exchanges (or the feelings of "love") is an important, required part of polyamory. It is not the same as polygamy in that it is not religious-based, and there are no gender-specific restrictions on partnership extensions.

Polyamory is a branch of non-monogamy that involves relationship commitments. Polyamorous partnerships are always commitments. We do not accept accounts for swinging, non-consensual marital affairs, cheating, flings, hook-ups, one-night stands, bootycalls, escorts, or paid services.

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We welcome those who identify with being poly, polyamorous, or with consensual and ethical nonmonogamy. PolyPatchwork is freely available to adults to find dating, multi-love connections for open relationships, multi-partner relationships, and other versions of polyam relationships.

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